Some more snippets and recommendations from my week!


I visited Drury Lane for the first time at the weekend. The bright red entrance stands out in the crowded row of shops and welcomes you in. It is a no frills cafe inside with simple high tables and bar stools . An open kitchen sits to the side and everything is cooked to order. The specials menu is something to look out for. This week one of the specials was truffle parmesan herbed baked eggs with mushrooms and smoked salmon soldiers. Mmm, just read that again! I’ve been thinking about it all week, it was sooooo good! I’m kind of hoping they will keep this on the menu. The waffles also looked good and we ordered fresh juices served in cute glass jars with stripy straws. Loved everything about it.

94 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore

Tel: 6222 6698



This photography festival is currently in full swing and continues until 30 November. $50 will get you a festival pass and access to artist and curator talks, film screenings and other exhibitions. Events take place at different venues around the island. Free exhibitions are also being held at the Singapore National Museum. For full details on the programme check the website. Definitely one for photography and art lovers!


Over the last few months I have been making an effort to change the way I shop when it comes to cosmetics.  Many of the top (expensive) brands have two things in common – chemicals and cruelty. I’m frequently reading bad, sometimes horrifying, things about the ingredients and processes involved in creating many products.  I’m told I should buy paraben free, sulphate free, organic, and I should check for recycled packaging, fair trade – the list goes on. I’ll never know everything, and I know my choices will never be perfect in a world where there is often little transparency in what we buy. I could send myself mad taking everything I read to heart and trying to do the right thing. However, doing a little is always better than doing nothing in my mind. There are a few simple changes I have made in an attempt to be healthier and kinder in my choices. They also leave me with a little more money in my pocket.

Some of the products I have started using include: cleansing with african black soap, applying shea butter as a moisturiser and using argan oil on my hair to try and tame the crazy frizz induced by the humidity here.

Argan Oil – I use 100% Argan oil on my face, body and hair. It’s great for dry and oily skin, is known for its anti ageing benefits and can be used as a daily moisturiser, make up base,  for acne, eczema and adds shine to hair.

Shea butter – 100% pure shea butter. Fantastic melting moisturiser with healing properties. Great for cracked heels, scars and sunburn. Chemical free.  Smells gorgeous!

Black African Soap – use as a daily face wash. Gentle on the skin.  Cleanses and removes make-up. Chemical free. Looks weird but feels good!

I generally pick up these products from a lovely store called Shea. They have stores in Orchard Central and Liang Court (Singapore) but you can also pick up items online.


IMG_20141102_112747This week saw Singapore host an incredible yoga event – ‘Yoga Beats’. Orchard Road was closed so that 900+ participants could unroll their mats in the road and take part in a hip hop yoga class! Loved seeing whole families turn up and roll out their mats.  Mums and dads helped instruct their little ones, friends met in large groups and people made new friends, all under the sparkly lights of Orchard Road. The event was organised by Lululemon Athletica who will be opening a store along Orchard Road by the end of the year.