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Female Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor in Singapore.

Recognised as one of the top fitness professionals in Singapore

Specialising in prenatal and postnatal exercise.



Working Hard For Change

Donna is a certified personal trainer and mat pilates instructor from London and living in Singapore. Donna is qualified to work with individuals with a range of conditions and fitness goals, specialises in prenatal and post natal exercise, and trains clients in the comfort of their homes or condo gyms.
Donna has extensive experience in her field and contributes her expertise to magazines and websites including Her World, Smart Parents, Motherhood Magazine, Sassy Mama and Expat Living.



Donna O'Shea Fitness is delighted to win the Bronze Award in the 2018 Expat Living Readers Awards!


Jumpstart Your Health

Want to get in shape and lose weight but need guidance and motivation? Pregnant or trying to conceive and looking for a safe and effective fitness routine? New mum looking to get back in shape but not sure where to start? Never tried Personal training or pilates before but want to start slowly?
I provide professional, varied and fun programs designed to keep you motivated and safely challenge your body. I work with each client to custom design sessions that reflect their short and long-term goals whilst providing a friendly and supportive environment in which to train.

Take a look at the different options below including personal training, pilates, prenatal pilates, postnatal pilates, personal training for pregnancy and group classes.


No need to leave home!

Feeling fatigued and desperate to improve your fitness? Want to lose weight or tone up? Have little ones and find it hard to leave the house to workout?
Help your body get in shape with fun sessions tailored specifically for you. My personal training sessions will get your heart-rate up and your body feeling leaner and stronger!
If you are recovering from injury, suffer from back pain or want to improve your posture, core strength and tone up then why not try a private pilates session?
I come to you to take the stress out of exercising and my method is to listen, encourage and challenge you with a friendly and positive approach.


Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise

If you are a new mum or mum to be then you are in safe hands with my prenatal and postnatal exercise sessions. Choose from Personal training or pilates for pregnancy or a mixture of the two. I am professionally qualified and have years of experience working with high risk pregnancies and a range of pregnancy related conditions and can advise you on the best exercise routine specifically for you and your pregnancy.  After pregnancy I can assist with diastasis recti, pelvic floor strength, weight loss and muscle tone through personal training or pilates sessions. You can even train with your baby by your side. I am now quite skilled at instructing whilst rocking your little one to sleep! I will help get you feeling yourself again at a time when the body and mind is adjusting to the demands of being a new mum.


Get the VIP treatment with Private Classes designed for you and your friends at home!

Like the idea of training with others but find it difficult to get to a class? Want a class that targets specific goals? Private cardio or pilates classes are the answer. Get a group of friends together at your home or condo grounds and host private pilates sessions or cardio/strength training sessions on your doorstep. This removes the stress of travelling to class and is a fun way to train with friends and neighbours!


Feel Good, Look Good, Have Fun, Make Friends!

From time to time group classes are available at the Botanic Gardens. These are small and friendly classes aimed at beginners, new mums or those looking to get back to exercise after a long break. These are not fast, high intensity bootcamp style classes but instead are designed to gently get women back to fitness with a focus on improving core strength and stamina.
Please click on Group Classes for details on upcoming classes.



Private sessions are available in Singapore only Monday-Friday between 7am and 4pm in the Novena, Newton, River Valley, Orchard and Holland Village areas only due to travel/time limitations. Please let me know your location and preferred days/times to train when you get in touch. Thanks so much!





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