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Triatholon Swimmers


Change Your Life


Perhaps you are a beginner starting out with a sprint triathlon or maybe you are a seasoned ironman/woman looking to improve performance.


I believe that adding a tailored, body specific strength programme to your training schedule can reap huge rewards. If you are looking for help with the swim, bike, run element then COS COACHING and their experienced coaches have you covered :) but if your posture, mobility and strength needs work or you are finding you are prone to injury because of certain muscle imbalances then working with a qualified trainer will help. As a qualified personal trainer, pilates teacher and triathlon coach I believe I am best placed to identify and improve your weaknesses.

Common issues triathletes encounter are:

Restricted shoulder mobility on the swim;

Sinking hips on the swim;

Poor activation of the glutes on the swim, bike and run due to weak glutes and dominant leg muscles;

Weak core engagement;

Poor posture including hunched shoulders, forward head tilt, anterior tilt, lordosis in the back; 

Tight hip flexors;

Tight hamstrings; 

IT band issues;

and the list goes on...

These sessions will assess the areas that need work and equip you with the right exercise drills, strength exercises and stretches to bring balance to the body. You will be stronger, more efficient, mobile, flexible and in turn less prone to injury after your speed and endurance sessions on the swim bike and run. GET READY TO GET STRONGER!

Strength Training for Triathlon Performance. Prices start at $650 for 5 sessions for one person only.

Contact me for more details

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