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As a mum and qualified pre and post natal exercise expert I believe I am in the best position to help you achieve your fitness goals during and after pregnancy.

I understand the physical and emotional challenges women experience at all stages of this journey and will ensure that your overall wellbeing remains our priority. 

I understand there can be anxieties surrounding exercising when pregnant and concerns as to what to do, what not to do, the intensity of workouts and how often to exercise. By instructing a professional you can ensure you are in safe hands with expert guidance throughout your pregnancy and after. 

Over the years I have worked with high risk pregnancies, mums to be with pubis dysfunction syndrome, high blood pressure, anaemia, gestational diabetes, excessive weight gain, poor posture, back pain, lordosis, and after delivery have helped women with diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and weak pelvic floor muscles.

Maintaining an appropriate fitness regime during pregnancy can help reduce fatigue, poor posture and back ache, can aid a smooth labour and delivery and help with a speedier recovery post birth.



*Private Personal Training sessions or Private Pilates sessions are available Monday-Friday only between 7am and 4pm.
*Sessions take place in the comfort of your home, condo gym or condo grounds.
*Sessions are suitable for all Trimesters.
*Please make sure you obtain consent from your GP before you start. 
*These sessions are for one person only.
*If you have a group of friends in similar trimesters or who have all recently given birth then please see the Private Classes section.


*Sessions start at $130 for one hour for clients in the Novena, Newton, River Valley, Orchard and Holland Village areas. 
*Packages are available in these areas only. Contact me for details.  PT and Pilates sessions can be combined in a package.
*Packages must be used within 4 months from the first session. Refunds are not available for unused sessions.
*Payment is to be made in advance of the session. Payment is by cash, cheque or bank transfer.



*PLEASE be considerate and provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise payment will be charged in full.

This applies to all clients.

*Providing sufficient notice prevents the time slot being left void and allows it to be offered to another client who may be wanting to reschedule or take an extra session.

*If we are training in your home you will just need space for two mats. I will bring equipment with me. 

*Please remember to bring a mat, water and towel to all sessions.

*Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in and appropriate footwear is required if we are training in a gym or outside.  



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